Speakers 101 – Part 2

It’s tough sometimes to carry the blog banner “Just the Facts”. Yeah I can be a bit pompous but is arrogance really arrogant when one is accurate and spot on about something? An athlete can trash talk and it’s just hype PR unless he delivers the goods. You get my drift. So what has any of this to do with speakers?

I humbly submit an article by the prestigious audiophile bible “The Absolute Sound”. It identifies the 12 most significant loudspeakers of all time. They range from absurdly esoteric and outrageously expensive models to ones that grace untold millions of wonderful economical home systems. Just as a reality check: I own and use #2 & #10 to listen to music in my home.


So is this ultimate proof? Are these the only ones to consider? Of course not. Remember my advice when going to pick out a speaker systems? Go and listen to some live music first. Then select the speaker that makes a quality recording of similar material sound most convincing and life like keeping in mind your listening room and available amplifier power. And don’t be duped by audiophile hype about some absurd new principle that rewrites the laws of physics.

That’s it folks. Just the facts…

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