About This Blog

Welcome audiophiles. And hipsters. And plumbers. And doctors. And, well, anyone that loves to listen to live music. I’m The Naked Audiophile and I’m writing this blog just for you. I love listening to live music too in my home. Music which is recorded and completely indistinguishable from hearing the real thing in person. It’s my passion. And it has been for quite a few years. We have come a long way in the technology of sound reproduction. Much has changed since the mid (-twentieth) century when realistic musical reproduction first started to be possible. Some would argue that everything has changed. They would be wrong. And furthermore, there are a ton of folks out there who believe unless you pay $5000 for special wire to connect your speakers, you are somehow degrading how they sound. They would be wrong, too.

I’m here to set the record straight. Or the CD. Or the MP3, if you prefer. Some of you may not agree with (or believe) some of the things I discuss here. That’s OK. Tell me so. Let’s discuss it. After all, we are all civilized adults here, aren’t we? But be advised, there is nothing about musical reproduction that can not be scientifically measured and quantified. Sorry. There is no better or worse sound. Only more or less accurate. Or to be accurate, more or less convincing.

So, if you are as passionate as I am about the ability to hear live music in your home, you are invited to join my little crusade to debunk the process and uncover the facts. Just the facts…